ThingBlu, Inc.


Seeking to raise $1,200,000

ThingBlu answers the question as to how align people, process and technology around the end to end delivery of data in the industry.  We approach this from a DataOps perspective which requires identification of all the pieces needed to capture data; secure data; to curate, prepare and move data. We then deliver it by giving end consumers not just access to the data, but actual control over it. It is really about the flow of information in the data and how you manage it in a self-service fashion.

We begin by addressing one of the largest expenses in the industry – labor. ThingBlu’s Workflow engine eliminates cumbersome and repetitive tasks by combining steps, automating multiple workflows such as automating calculations as well as automating the sharing of data with other systems. Automating a selection of key tasks and processes. With ThingBlu data provides a continuous learning system to provide better value. Building high level datasets and integrating this with your other data sources. Reducing inefficiencies, providing operational visibility with associated costs/margin analysis. Insights as to how to get better at specific jobs or provide tools to support staff in completing their jobs. Creating continuous learning systems that deliver rich, adaptive, and personalized experiences for users through dashboards that can be easily tailored to present the information as needed to meet the unique requirements of each organization.

Planning for continual process development not only helps to sustain optimal efficiencies, but also allows the organization to adapt processes in sync with evolving technology, culture, priorities, and innovation. The marriage of Workflow Management and Data Integration. Maximizing the value of our clients’ most valuable asset, data.

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