The Wicked Root


Seeking to raise $5,000,000

In late 2018 the idea of The Wicked Root was formulating in the mind of its CEO and Founder, Thaddeus Setla.  He saw a niche` in the cannabis market that is destined to change the way we view cannabis forever.  By understanding the benefits to those in need within the medical cannabis market and coupled with a High Quality, Safe, and Consistent Product, The Wicked Root aims to be the standard that subsequent cultivation companies will follow.  

Through our Wicked Root DNA, we will offer a “what you see is what you get” product.  No more questioning and hoping that you are getting the right product for your treatment needs or no more wondering if the product will be the same each time.  At The Wicked Root, we aim to be transparent and educate the public to provide the best medicinal Cannabis on the market while aiming to dispel the stigma that has plagued Cannabis for many years.

By bringing together a team of experts, not only in the cannabis field, but leaders in industries such as Automotive, Medical and CPG, HR and Marketing, Thaddeus has stacked his deck for success. By tapping into resources that have made South East Michigan successful for over a century, he has prepared Wicked Root to compete with this aggressively growing market.

Please take a moment to see what The Wicked Root will offer not only to its customers, but the opportunity we will offer to prospective investors.

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