Southwest Hemp, Inc


Seeking to raise $6,500,000

Southwest Hemp, Inc is excited to start its Capital raise to complete the infrastructure improvements to its 1,000+ acre organic Hemp Farm and to build the Regional CBD Extraction Lab in Southeast Arizona. We are seeking $6,500,000 in capital from one to a maximum of four accredited investors.  

On July 26, 2019 Southwest Hemp, Inc was granted a Processors License by the AZ Department of Agriculture.  License # 190254.  In addition, Stephen Christian, CEO of Southwest Hemp, Inc and Southwest Hemp, Inc, as a corporation passed the SEC/FINRA background check

The company plans to build the CBD lab in the fall of 2019 and to buy hemp biomass from Colorado and Oregon and extract CBD in the new lab which is expected to provide a revenue stream the first year.  The second year the company plans to farm a 100-acre parcel of hemp and extract CBD and will continue to buy biomass from Colorado and Oregon.

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