Pelorus Fund


Seeking to raise $100,000,000

At Pelorus, we consider ourselves specialists. We are able to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of real estate financing. We understand that the perfect situation is rare when it comes to real estate investing. When there are problems with title, property conditions, property types, traditional loans aren’t always available. That’s when you turn to Pelorus.

We have assembled a team of professionals that can not only secure you financing, we can get you closed quickly. By tapping into our network of partners, we can move as fast as you need to.

The Pelorus Fund is focused on providing lower leverage loans 50% to 60% LTV secured by commercial industrial/warehouse type properties and allows for cannabis related business tenants. The Fund Manager shares income with the Fund Members and has a targeted yield of 15%. The Fund operates under the Department of Real Estate and the Department of Business Oversight and is audited by Armanino each year.

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