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Wrazel Announces Updated Investment Marketplace

Press Releases Alpie Atabay

Newport Beach, CA -- 8 April 2020 -- Brian Barbuto, CEO of Wrazel Inc. announced the availability of the new Wrazel Investment Marketplace.

Barbuto commented, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, Wrazel is not slowing down the pace of innovation and rearchitecting our investment marketplace was the last piece of our existing technology to be retooled and enhanced to fit our growth plans.”.

Wrazel Investment Marketplace is a fin-tech platform, specially designed for cannabis ventures to raise capital – and for investors who are looking to profit from our rapidly growing industry. All investment opportunities featured on the platform are carefully selected ventures with pre-vetted business plans, solid exit strategies, and SEC / FINRA compliant fundraising models. 

The platform not only provides accredited investors with access to a curated list of qualified cannabis ventures from different branches of the industry, but fully vets each one to verify accuracy, transparency, and legality to deliver all the tools investors need to securely research opportunities that match their portfolio goals. The software allows users to create an accredited investor account, view the project briefs of all active offerings, access specific data to conduct their own due diligence and engage directly with the business owners. Once their request is approved, investors get invited to the virtual deal room to review the private placement memorandum, pro forma, financial model, and finally the subscription documents to complete the investment procedure. 

The new interface makes it easy for investors to find cannabis ventures by market type and geographic location, and initiate a discussion with the principals of the company.

Go to www.wrazel.com/mp/ to see the exciting list of available companies and if you have a company that you’d like to propose working with Wrazel on, contact Wrazel at https://www.wrazel.com/contact/.

About Wrazel Inc.

Wrazel is a multi-faceted business platform, founded with the purpose to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, real estate professionals and thought-leaders, that are actively engaged in “the business of cannabis.” Wrazel gives a home and a voice to all businesses – from startups to major players in the industry – to increase their exposure, meet with solution partners, raise capital, and take their enterprise to the next level.

In order to provide practical solutions to its network of clients and partners, Wrazel created a suite of tech-forward programs, including their capital raising program, their events series, the new services index, and many other vertically integrated tools designed to increase agility and efficiency in conducting business in the cannabis space. Among their upcoming verticals are a B2B wholesale marketplace, a comprehensive cannabis business database, and a cannabis- oriented real estate directory.

Wrazel helps both the founders of established cannabis companies and startup entrepreneurs to raise capital and obtain funding to take their ventures to the next level. Cannabis investment is essentially deploying capital - either as debt or equity - in the cannabiz industry, which revolves around a variety of businesses that are involved in cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing or marketing thc, cbd and hemp products, made from the cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike buying cannabis shares in the stock market, while investing through Wrazel's platform, individuals, family offices and other institutions deal directly with the principals, become partners with them and hold ownership in their entity.

Press contact:

Brian Holler - Wrazel Inc.
SVP, Business Development
Tel: (949) 535-1418

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