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How Wrazel is bringing the cannabis industry together

Brian Barbuto is an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate developer, investor, innovator, and last but not least, the Founder & CEO of Wrazel. Wrazel is a multi-faceted business platform, founded with the purpose to bring together qualified ventures, start-ups, service providers, investors, real estate brokers, cannabis-entitled property owners as well as thought-leaders that are actively engaged in the cannabis industry. Wrazel is dedicated to providing smart solutions to everyone in the cannabis space and to do that Barbuto and his team created a suite of programs that offer highly effective tools and knowledge to investors and professionals from various branches of the industry.

What inspired you to help cannabis companies raise capital?

BB: While we live in an age where technology provides instant access and engagement for most industries, this is not true for the cannabis industry. Couple that problem with the potential to treat disease and illness with cannabinoids only found in Cannabis and there couldn’t be a better source of inspiration or reason to do what we do.

What are the current vertically integrated tools and services in Wrazel’s wheelhouse?

BB: There are currently six different titles under which we group the solutions we offer:  Wrazel Investment Marketplace, our online investment platform, specially designed for cannabis ventures to raise capital – and for investors who are looking to profit from our rapidly growing industry; Wrazel News, an aggregator of reliable and practical financial news; Wrazel Real Estate, an interactive directory with useful filters to navigate through a vast selection of real estate listings for cannabis businesses; Wrazel Wholesale, a B2B transactional marketplace in which cannabis product manufacturers and sellers can conduct e-commerce transactions with wholesale buyers; Wrazel Events, a series, featuring investment presentations, interviews and networking; and finally we have Resources, mainly comprised of our comprehensive Business Directory, accompanied by a glossary and articles.

What are some of the challenges the Wrazel has faced in its growth?

BB: Federal Illegality is obviously not too big of a concern of those who’ve jumped all into the Cannabis arena. But it’s a bit of a hurdle for sophisticated investors who know far too little about the real lay of the cannabis landscape. This is the reason Wrazel launched its News vertical. Factual inspiration is powerful and why most of the investors we’re speaking with are becoming more comfortable with Cannabis-oriented investment opportunities.

How can investors access the investment platform?

BB: By simply signing-up at Wrazel.com -  It's that easy, and it’s free. We are open to both non-accredited and accredited investors. Opportunities to non-accredited investors are limited to Reg A offerings while accredited enjoy full access. Whether you actually attend or live stream into one of our investment opportunity spotlight events, investors are required to complete an investor profile on Wrazel Investment Marketplace. Our events are full of information you’d find difficulty sourcing elsewhere, and both investors and cannabis professionals love them.

How do you see the industry evolving over the next several years?

The bubble created by high valued Cannabis IPOs will pop. CBD products will get traction because they will prove to be effective. More states will continue to legalize Cannabis, and eventually the Fed will too. Investors will jump into the market because the opportunities are just too good. Eventually big pharma and tobacco will begin to control the market. All of this translates to big wins by today's smart startups with the financial capability to properly market their product or service while they dial in a successful and scalable business model before they IPO or exit through M&A. The time to jump into the world of Cannabis is NOW.

Originally Printed in the Winter 2019 Issue of Cannabis & Tech Today

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