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Navigator Genomics™ Testing

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About the company

NGT is a 1st mover in the Cannabis Industry!

Launched after 4 1/2 yrs. of self-funded research, science, and  development working with numerous cannabis industry experts, NGT utilizes the evidenced-based science of Pharmacogenomics. Simple saliva swab tests are done at home & take less than 1 minute to complete. Test kits are sent directly to consumers by free Fed Ex & returned to NGT’s CLIA-CAP certified lab to analyze their saliva. NGT reports your unique genetic responses to Medical Cannabis simultaneously with the 416 prescriptions (Rx) drugs.

 NOTE: This is the most amount of prescription drugs reported in the entire pharmacogenomic testing industry. All are evidenced-based tests. All tests are $299 paid for at the time of order on-line by a consumer or their healthcare professional. Results are ready in about 1 week.

We use sophisticated algorithms & advanced Machine Learning tools with our proprietary software & API’s to create NGT final result reports. (For each potential message for each potential gene variant, for each medication + for each cannabinoid reported).

NGT Plans in Motion: NGT will add 20 specific tests targeting the specific chronic conditions that qualify consumers to purchase legal MMJ. In the next several weeks we are adding Autism and Fibromyalgia Rx tests to our NGT test choices.

     It is very important to recognize the fact that the prime reason people turn to medical

cannabis is due to them having a specific chronic medical or behavioral condition. Each

chronic condition test NGT adds represent significant specific targeted-marketing &

educational opportunities for people with these conditions. 

Most people with a chronic medical condition belong to non-profit groups, trade associations, and social media groups, each providing large masses of consumers desperate to improve their health and overall quality of life.

NGT’s Biggest Business Challenge: How do we market tests to the masses of consumers?

EDUCATION Drives Consumer Engagement: NGT must educate consumers on what pharmacogenomic testing is, how it works, & what our test results provide. Consumers with specific chronic conditions are already motivated to learn more about their ailments. NGT’s educational efforts for these consumers explain how MMJ can help them with their specific medications, provide information about their condition, & show that NGT tests are an effective tool to help them get their MMJ and Rx prescriptions aligned for personalized medicine with maximum medical benefits.

Education Affiliates Marketing: NGT realized very early on that MMJ user + people with specific medical conditions are served by digital publishers, non-profits, for-profits & groups who provide consumers with information on a continuous basis to their consumers masses of loyal subscribers, followers & constituents. These groups already have the built-in masses of consumers & targets for sales of NGT tests. We created NGT not only to sell tests but also to create and provide educational content for medical cannabis consumers and professionals. An example is our fully-vetted Cannabis Glossaries, Facts & Stats and Cannabis Science sections found on our website.

  NGT’s Exclusive Affiliate Agreements are used:

(1) to provide Educational content originating from NGT for these groups and their consumers, for publication on their websites, newsletters, magazines, & digital communications,

(2) provides a 3-year exclusive for NGT with these same affiliates,

(3) continuously drive traffic to the NGT web site so these consumers purchase NGT tests. Educational content includes news articles, short videos, providing links directly to NGT glossaries, consumer surveys, and webinars. (Examples of the depth of information NGT has and will create is our current cannabis glossaries (80+ items); Autism (107 glossary items) and Fibromyalgia (307 terms & definitions). This is due to the numerous complexities & symptoms prevalent with each chronic condition.

NGT’s team has deep medical, scientific, pharmacologic and cannabis experiences and will easily produce ever-increasing educational content. NGT will never run out of content possibilities due to the large numbers of specific chronic conditions tests & increased medical cannabis research studies.

Barriers of Entry: NGT’s proprietary MMJ and Rx tests present significant barriers to entry and very favorable competitive advantages for our business. [Barriers listed in other NGT documents on this site.]

NGT Compliance: NGT works within strict FDA, CLIA, CAP and HIPAA guidelines. All NGT tests conform to the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) published guidelines, which is the industry gold standard used by the FDA for grading and determining how genetic test results should be used to optimize clinical drug therapy.



The Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Lab Industry Direct-to-Consumer( DTC model) PGx Market Value 2018 is $332 MM and is growing at 32.4% CAGR. 96% of all PGx labs focus exclusively on life-threatening expensive healthcare events such as specific cancers, cardiology and HIV/AIDs. PGx tests for these categories average $800 to $18,000 per test. Less than 6% of labs use the DTC model.


Direct-to-consumer (DGT) applications are growing at a very rapid pace. Most require a doctor to order a test to qualify for reimbursement. The FDA has lessened requirements that cover DTC tests, however, DTC tests have primarily focused on alternative health issues such as celiac disease, overall body metabolism, caffeine tolerance, supplements, and disease predictions and do not report on Rx medications. Very few labs report on drug-drug interactions. PGx Labs rely almost exclusively on insurance reimbursements. Lab tests co-pays made by patients often run 25% to 50%. PGx labs have been normally built by researchers and scientists who have created their own niches and unique algorithms (becoming their IP). Typical labs take several years to equip & become operational and average $15MM to $30MM in capital investment.


   Most lab reports are very hard to understand & many require or offer a genetic counselor (with extra costs) to provide interpretation for doctors.

The biotech & medical industries, the FDA, NIH and CDC all recognize PGx results as the

fastest and most accurate pathway to the practice of Personalized (or Precision) Medicine. This

means each individual consumer/ patient will be clinically treated on an unique basis when

clinical treatments include pharmaceuticals.

NGT BARRIERS TO ENTRY: No patents are planned to be filed by NGT since patents would reveal how and what NGT has developed to the public or could be challenged by larger deep-pocketed companies or more easily tweaked to go around NGT; therefore we chose to secure NGT information by proprietary means. (patentable opportunities would most likely be limited to the NGT medical cannabis test) Proprietary information/ intellectual capital: (NGT is the owner of all proprietary information)


1. NGT created the full test criteria and methodologies for the medical cannabis (MMJ) test for the specific genes and cannabinoids. [Exclusively developed by over 3 years by the NGT scientists and pharmacologists, who were and are under exclusive contract with NGT. Both are members of NGT LLC].

2. NGT’s MMJ-to-drug interactions use machine-driven methodology reporting of 9 specific medical cannabinoids with Rx medications was created exclusively by NGT staff and is proprietary information.

3. NGT’s full MMJ test and results are 100% automatic and reports generated inside of our secure platform. To perform this function we utilize final consumer reports per individual test from the PGx lab report generator company (TS) plus raw genetic variations sent to use by our lab partner. Combining all of this information allows NGT to automatically generate & populate NGT’s medical cannabis report. Our interpretation tool is machine-learning driven and resides totally on our secured encrypted platform with no access to any outside parties.

4. NGT proprietary API’s (application programming interfaces) are exclusively and specifically developed to securely communicate and automate functions between our platform order information to our lab partner, lab partner to our lab report generator, and send final results to NGT 3 distinct secured portals:

(1) consumer portal for the Rx portion of the test ;

(2) NGT MMJ portal in which raw data from lab and the specifically identified gene variations report information are both utilized to automatically create the final MMJ consumer report; and finally portal

(3) the raw data, Rx and MMJ results are stored for big data mining in the near future. *(In computer programming, an application programming interface is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components.)

5. The final reports messages were developed by and copyrighted by NGT by utilizing each message in the existing TS (lab partner) repository of messages, which was originally sourced from the FDA repository of pharmacogenetically active medications, edited & rewritten by NGT to be easier for consumers and doctors to understand versus competitive lab report information.

[This effort required approximately 9 months, reviewing each medication and each gene variant combinations that generate each specific message that was possible.

The size and scope of NGT’s effort: 8 genes are tested, with each gene having multiple variants and variant combinations. Example: CYP gene 2D6 has 102 alleles (variations) and each variation can have multiple copies of each allele or missing alleles.


Navigator Genomics Testing (NGT) has just launched the industry’s 1st Direct-to-Consumer DNA lab test to report on each person’s genetic response to Medical Cannabis (MMJ Cannabinoids) + 416 of the most popularly prescribed prescription drugs.

 Current Valuation: $8 MM

 Investment Ask $1.5MM of equity investment needed for Growth Capital to dramatically expand our social media & marketing efforts as we continue to sign-up multiple exclusive Affiliate Agreements in the US, Canada & internationally. $1.00 USD per share with a $25,000 minimum investment.

 NGT is introducing 20 additional test choices specifically targeting the actual reasons people take Medical Cannabis. (Chronic Medical & Behavioral Conditions are the prime reasons people turn to medical cannabis).  No $'s are needed for infrastructure or changes to our platform. We have been totally self-funded to date. ($821,000 USD invested to date).  NGT’s business platform is highly scalable, fully automated, & virtual. NGT’s Results guide consumers, dispensaries & healthcare professionals to the best selections for medical cannabinoids and prescription drugs, while avoiding potentially harmful MMJ-to- Drug interactions, side effects, loss of efficacy and adverse reactions. All NGT tests are sold Direct-to-Consumer for $299 on-line via our website: https://www.navigatorgenomics.com

 Executive Team

321 Years of collective executive experiences include leading cannabis experts, with +12 successful exits (Medical, Healthcare, and Technology). Our overhead costs are low; gross margins are high.

Intellectual Property: We developed sophisticated algorithms & advanced Machine Learning tools with our proprietary software API for creating NGT final result reports.


No one, including doctors and dispensaries, knows what cannabinoid(s) or which medications will work best for their patients/consumers. Dispensaries and prescribers currently all use traditional “Trial and Error” methodology to determine what may work best for each person, normally starting with small doses & favored brands of medications that their professionals are most familiar with. Prescribers continue to increase doses over time based on feedback from the consumer. At the point of time when the consumer reports negative side effects or has no positive responses to their conditions, the prescriber or dispensary either change their medications or tries another drug or other choices in Medical Cannabis, ratios, brands, strains, etc. once again “trying” to find the right med.  Very few people nor professionals recognize the fact that there is a high potential for medical Cannabis and Rx prescription drugs to negatively interact with each other. Interactions often cause undesirable side effects, “Loss of Efficacy” of the cannabinoids or the Rx’s or even both, thus canceling out the desired medical benefits the consumer is seeking. People can try medical cannabis & receive little or no benefit; or experience a side effect simply because of not being aware of interactions between their Rx’s & specific cannabinoids.

 NGT Solution

Pharmacogenomics Tests (PGx): Drugs and cannabinoids (delivered orally) are metabolized by genes with unique gene variations found in your liver. Every individual on the planet has unique variations of these (CYP) genes. Metabolism is the control of how medications are first broken down & then dispersed in your body. Variations control the Modes of Action (speed), Pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacodynamics (the effectiveness or efficacy) & the eventual excretion of each medication.

NGT results provide highly Actionable information & can eliminate consumers costly "trial and error" time & expensive costs, avoid harmful side effects, and MMJ-drug-to- drug interactions which can cause loss of efficacy for MMJ for the medications they take now & for those taken in the future. Simply stated, consumers, their healthcare professionals & dispensaries will all know what will work best for each consumer based on the individual consumer’s unique genetic responses controlled by these CYP gene variations.


Results include recommendations for MMJ and Rx specific dosing. Documented third-party studies show consumer savings of $1,028 to over $4,350 per year... and people enjoy a healthier & much improved "Quality of Life" with excellent consumer ROI.

 Big Data Opportunities

NGT has been built to capture VERY valuable data. Generally speaking, the value of big data is worth much more than the gross margins and profits derived by test sales. NGT Big Data capabilities greatly enhance future company valuations.

 Barriers of Entry

NGT’s proprietary MMJ and Rx tests present significant barriers to entry & very favorable competitive advantages for our business.

 Exits & Liquidity Events

There are many potential acquirers for NGT spread across many industries. Current industry Valuations average a range of 8 to 15X multiples of EBITDA. NGT will significantly monetize Big Data sales along the way to provide and sell multiple times creating enhanced ROI’s to investors until the final exit.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.

Risk disclosures

Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.




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