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Medicus, L.P.

7707 Atkinson Road Sebastopol CA 95472

About the company

We are surely living in a surreal time!!  I hope you, your family, and all of your loved ones are well and safe.

We have had a number of solid conference calls with public companies in the retail marijuana space and Cannabis dispensaries are creating double to triple the volumes during this horrible crisis. As we move through and defeat this emergency, the Cannabis market could have sizeable quarterly earnings along with price gains. 

Please let us show you our strategy in a brief call. I know this feels weird during this lockdown, but there is a big opportunity as the markets settle. The supply chains in Cannabis are flowing without disruption and the retail demand is literally out the door and around the corner. Illinois, Michigan, Florida, California and other locked downed states have passed new laws to keep Cannabis dispensaries open as critical care units.

About Medicus:

Symmetry Capital is the General Partner for Medicus L.P.  Symmetry Capital was the general partner for a variety of limited partnerships investing in small to mid-capitalization health care companies, a sector with a great deal of upside for investors with strong fundamental analysis skills and an understanding of science. In 2018, Ms. Seringer and Michael Lamb came together to talk about the Cannabis space, both medicinal and recreational. Both partners have children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and were intrigued by the data beginning to surface for the use of CBD as a treatment for ADD. 

A cursory look at companies in the space indicated that valuations in some of the larger cannabis public companies were not supported by the fundamentals and many were over leveraged with debt. However, there were opportunities further downstream in Cannabis and related companies in the sector. Furthermore, there were many ways to invest in private deals, but very few avenues for investment in professionally managed public equity funds. 

Ms. Seringer and Mr. Lamb decided to team up and move forward with an investment product that leveraged both skill sets, public equity fund management and extensive backgrounds in pharmacological drug development and recreational cannabis markets in California.  Medicus is a long biased, Limited Partnership for accredited individuals and organizations which will invest in public, exchange traded companies in the cannabis space. Investor net asset values are calculated on a monthly basis by our administrator, Kline Fund Services and audited annually by Spicer Jeffries. This provides full transparency for investors. Our Prime Broker is BTIG and custodian is Pershing. Medicus started investing in January 2020 and will post monthly, performance numbers to this site on the Supporting Documents tab. 




Timing is Everything!!

We expect the Cannabis market to outpace most business sectors this year due to strong demand and improving company fundamentals in one of the most exciting new sectors since tech in the early 2000s. After a thorough wash-out in 2019, the sector is poised for a comeback as more sophisticated investors inter the space and company management teams perform or are replaced.

Cannabis is a product manufactured in many different formats (flower, CBD, edibles, medicinal, etc) with overall revenue in 2019 of roughly $19 billion and projections of sales growth to nearly $60 billion by 2025. The question is: how do we harvest the profit from businesses generating the revenue in this sector? Our answer is an investment in a professionally managed investment platform in publicly traded companies that touch the Cannabis sector starting in 2020!

While 2018 was an exciting year for the Cannabis community, much of the rising equity values were hyped on the news of legalization in Canada and more individual states in the U.S. Many retail investors flooded to the different Global Stock Exchanges to speculate on the new companies involved in the Marijuana market. However, 2019 was a reality check for the sector and Cannabis stock values declined roughly 50-80% due to poor earnings, lackluster revenue performance, and poor management skills. Luckily, this washout has created a huge opportunity for sophisticated investors with experience in difficult sectors.

2020 brings us closer to many legislative victories for the growers and the supply chain side of the Cannabis business. The House of Representatives has passed the States Banking Bill which will be presented to the Senate in the near term. This bill will make banking legal for permitted businesses in the Cannabis industry. This will also allow investment banking into the space so the capital bottleneck can open to help finance new and ongoing capital requirements. This legalization will allow investment management firms to freely buy Cannabis stocks on the Global Stock exchanges without reservation. Recently, many media outlets have parroted the information above. 

The key to maximizing the profit potential in the Cannabis market is to have a diverse portfolio of publicly traded companies which meets liquidity and transparency requirements for investors. Publicly traded Cannabis equities are required to provide audited financial results and disclose all major news events. They have to adhere to SEC rules and other bodies which require compliance. With that reporting, the professionals at Medicus LP can perform the important due diligence, analysis and screening to construct a successful portfolio. The founders of Medicus LP have a combined 60 years of experience in the capital markets and are excited to optimize this experience in the growing industry of Cannabis.


Medicus LP was formed in January 2020. We will publish monthly performance numbers as we get them. All numbers are net of fees and unaudited until the audit is complete the following year. We will clearly mark audited from unaudited numbers. 

BTG is our prime broker, Spicer Jeffries is our auditor and Kline fund Services is our administrator. Our stocks are all mark to market, exchange traded equities. Kline Fund Services generates our performance numbers based on the reports generated by BTIG. We do not touch this process in any way. 

Please request our Operating Memorandum for a more thorough description of the process and risks involved with Medicus LP.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.

Risk disclosures

Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.