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About the company

AeroBloom is a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics system that reliably achieves at least double the crop yield of hydroponic cultivation. AeroBloom also uses 40%-90% less water than hydroponics or traditional farming practices and produces a higher-quality harvest with one additional crop cycle per year. At over 4lbs of AAA quality, trimmed flower per light and one additional harvest per year, AeroBloom is the highest producing, most efficient cultivation system in the cannabis industry.

An aeroponics pioneer, AIS co-founder Dale Devore has built more than 50 aeroponics systems since 1989. An earlier version of the AeroBloom system was continuously used during 2010-2016 to supply the two medical cannabis dispensaries he formerly operated  in Southern California. 

Ultimately, the technology platform offers strong solutions to the global agriculture industry as it adapts to the extreme food security challenges caused by climate change. AeroBloom will initially target the cannabis industry because current market conditions are optimum for its introduction. Only the most efficient operators are expected to survive the industry consolidation now taking place. The AeroBloom system will be the cultivation industry efficiency leader upon market introduction.  

AeroBloom is now conducting a Trial with the Cannabis industry’s leading Plant Scientist, Dr. Robert Flannery of Dr. Robb Farms to provide expert, third party verification of its performance claims. A resulting white paper will be delivered by Dr. Flannery and AeroBloom at a high profile event in late 2020 to launch AeroBloom into the cannabis industry.



The Cannabis industry is large and rapidly growing but suffers from widespread inefficiencies. Cultivators largely rely on hydroponics cultivation technology that is 35 years old. Valued at $8.1 billion in 2019 and growing to $16 billion in 2025, the hydroponics cultivation equipment market is ripe for disruption. AeroBloom represents a new standard of production efficiency in this industry.

AeroBloom is able to reach 90% of the 1,000+ cultivation licensees in California through existing relationships. Management projects generating at least 15 high-value commercial installations during 2020-2022 in California to establish its market position, prior to building rapidly increasing market share across North America through wholesale distribution in 2022.


Management has developed an expansion plan that rapidly accelerates the company’s development from demonstration and market tests to commercial production. Today AeroBloom seeks to fund its first phase of commercial operations:


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.


Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.

Risk disclosures

Investment details are reserved for those who have created a free investor profile and indicated that they are accredited.



[{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/232-2741797433.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"AeroBloom root cambers"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/233-1682462353.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"AeroBloom cultivation facility 2018"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/234-3617102223.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Two-tiered system"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/235-3772872756.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Young cannabis plants"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/236-2958748924.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Close up of stalks"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/237-3851472501.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Three-tiered system"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/238-1107435433.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Week 3 of flowering phase"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/239-3641907242.jpg","w":"3136","h":"1524","name":"Week 5 of flowering phase"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/241-2212495895.jpg","w":"2654","h":"1524","name":"Week 7 of flowering phase"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/242-734480636.jpg","w":"2031","h":"1524","name":"Plant harvested from early prototype"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/243-3712938697.jpg","w":"2031","h":"1524","name":"Build out of early prototype"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/244-1502897992.jpg","w":"1016","h":"1524","name":"Root growth- two weeks"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/245-2478399749.jpg","w":"2031","h":"1524","name":"Root growth- one week"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/246-2027416397.jpg","w":"640","h":"480","name":"AeroBloom 2020-Prototype"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/249-4199393873.png","w":"2440","h":"872","name":"AeroBloom Light logo"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/250-682470575.png","w":"2442","h":"854","name":"AeroBloom Dark logo"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/254-2311671660.jpg","w":"4608","h":"3456","name":"AIS Team"},{"src":"\/md\/mp_file\/256-3020158739.png","w":"960","h":"1276","name":"Dr. Rob Flannery & Dale Devore"}]