Investment opportunities in cannabis

Invest in cannabis companies through the Wrazel platform

Be a part of the booming cannabis economy. Accredited investors and lenders work with Wrazel to connect with legitimate, vetted investment opportunities. Our platform includes opportunities in everything from growing to distribution, so you can invest your money where it’s going to make the biggest impact.

How it works

Accredited investors and lenders join Wrazel to find investment opportunities in cannabis. Here’s how the platform works when you join. Sign up for a free account on Wrazel. Browse our directory of SEC and FINRA approved investment opportunities. Conduct due diligence and contact the business owner directly through Wrazel. Once you decide to invest, you can monitor your investment’s performance through the platform. Earn, scale, and repeat with the next opportunity. 

Find investment opportunities in cannabis

Why invest in cannabis through Wrazel? All investment opportunities are SEC and FINRA compliant. Opportunities are vetted by experts from the Wrazel team before going live on the Wrazel platform. You can invest directly in a growing cannabis business without the middleman. Track each of your investments through the Wrazel platform to monitor performance.  Read due diligence forms for each investment directly through the Wrazel platform. Enjoy top of the line security with 256-bit encryption. The best time to start investing was yesterday; the second-best time is right now. Join Wrazel to invest in the next economic boom.

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Browse opportunities on the marketplace that match your investment preferences.


Pre-vetted investment opportunities, so you only have the best to choose from.

Invest Directly

Invest directly into cannabis business without the hassle of middlemen.

Analyze Due Diligence

Access all necessary due diligence documents to make informed decisions.

Prepare Due Diligence

Prepare all necessary documents to empower investors to invest in your company.​

Safe & Secure

Our 256-bit encryption makes for safe and secure protection to protect your information.​

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