Flura Inc.


Seeking to raise $ 25,000,000.00

Founders, Ron Strickland and Jeffrey Yarosz started their hemp journey years prior to FLURA’s incorporation in 2019.  Ron has extensive experience in medical-grade cannabis genetics and cultivation.  He entered the practice to help a family member safely release from an opioid addiction following a serious injury. Ron’s cannabis has helped hundreds of patients and received accolades and awards for the superior quality product.  Seeing the need for an alternative to THC-based cannabis, Ron transitioned to Hemp in 2012.  

Jeffrey has extensive experience in commodities trading and financial services. Jeffrey grew up in Indiana surrounded by farmers and his mother’s family is sixth generation tobacco farmers in North Carolina. Over the years, he has witnessed the struggles of family farmers, and as he gained experience in the financial industry, he recognized hemp as an opportunity that could be mutually beneficial as an investment vehicle and as a means to revitalize and restore farming communities.

Following the passing of the farm bill, Jeffrey and Ron came together with both of their experiences to create FLURA, a vertically integrated operation from seed to extraction.  Early on, Jeffrey and Ron went door-to-door throughout southern Oregon and northern California building relationships across the industry.  They are inspired to help people re-discover this “new” but very old commodity.  Key partnerships in genetics, cultivation, and extraction have allowed FLURA to scale quickly.  They have built a team of pioneers and skilled veterans in the industry and qualified corporate leadership.  Please see the Executive Summary for FLURA team member bios.

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