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Navigator Genomics™ Testing just launched the industry's first pharmacogenomic testing consumers by a simple saliva cheek swab done at home. Reports your best MMJ cannabinoids +416 top Rx's. All evidenced-based on your unique genetic variations. Results guide consumers and their healthcare professionals and dispensaries to specific cannabinoid dosing and prescription drugs that can work best for them. With NGT Report Results, consumers avoid MMJ-drug and Drug-to-drug interactions, & eliminate traditional" trial and error" time and money since our easy-to read comprehensive reports identify what MMJ and medications will work best for you and also what to avoid. Great educational content on our website too. We are seeking affiliates in which we can share MMJ & chronic medical conditions content. All tests are just $299-- order on-line and your results are ready in about a week. Please explore: https;// WE ARE SEEKING COLLABORATION & AFFILIATE RELATIONSHIPS, RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES, EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS, AND OTHER SCIENCE TRIALS..... NGT is happy to share Educational articles, create surveys, short videos and webinars with other medical cannabis entities and organizations that work with people with specific chronic medical and behavioral conditions ( = the same reasons consumers turn to MMJ). For more information or set up a discussion about mutual opportunities contact us at:



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