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College of Cannabis
San Francisco, CA

Here at the College of Cannabis, we take great in providing professional, straight forward, and up-to-date educational resources to help you start your very own legal cannabusiness. It's because of this that we're widely regarded as the world's first online cannabis college. With over a decade of experience in the

Huntington Beach, CA

CMATES/CannabizAccounting is a Cannabis Compliance and Tax firm. We provide strategic guidance on how to form and operate legal operating canna-businesses with consideration to California's Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).

Our consulting services are geared to address the unique needs and challenges of the ever growing and changing cannabis industry. As education, markets, and legislation matures, constant attention and shifts need to be made to sensitively embrace and conquer the potential that lies within this multi-million dollar

My name is Dan Ziegler and I’m the CEO of YCDB; a coach, connector and consultant who has dedicated his life to guiding business owners with systems and solutions that improve a customers overall experience, leading to repeat sales in both on and offline environments.

EMPOWER YOURSELF TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH THE CBD TRAINING ACADEMY! The Cannabidiol Industry is forecast to Grow 700% by 2020 – Forbes In CBD Training Academy programs, you will learn everything you need to know about CBD, including the medical science, clinical studies, dosing, methods of administration, finance

A business and technology firm focused on the cannabis industry. We are committed to partnering with the cannabis, CBD, and hemp communities for a better future

Cannabiz Trusted Advisors, LLC is a Business Management Consulting firm focused on the legal, Recreational and Medical Marijuana Industry. We offer two primary services; Finest Kind Dispensary Services™ and Traditional Consulting Services. 1. Finest Kind Dispensary Services™ 2.Traditional Consulting Services:

Cannabiz Media
Guilford, CT

Businesses and investors are eager to dive into the cannabis and hemp industries, but inconsistent state-by-state licensing and operating procedures are creating a steep barrier to entry. At Cannabiz Media our mission is simple: to bring order to the chaos. Led by a team of content, data, and technical experts, we aim

Los Angeles, CA

News & Info About Cannabis Science, Culture, and Medicine

The Only Cannabis College with a Complete Curriculum that Covers ALL Areas of the Industry! This is an exciting time for the medical cannabis industry. Many areas of the USA, Canada, and around the world, are reforming their cannabis laws, leaving a massive opportunity for qualified cannabis professionals. Now thanks

On demand training from cannabis trainers

CCGI has a diverse group of professionals with experience in all aspects of the business and industry, including experts in everything from corporate formation to tax strategy to technology to marketing to strategic alliances, joint ventures and exit strategies. Our Advisory Board consists of professionals and