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We are professional business consultants with specialisation in business planning for legal cannabis businesses: cultivation, dispensing, processing, more!

Our company name says it all! We specialize in providing accurate and efficient canna-business management solutions, specifically dedicated to the medical marijuana industry in Florida. Although we do have partners and service clients in a number of other States as well.

Canna Group Inc can help connect you to an expert, today Whether you need helping starting a dispensary, more traffic to your existing business, and anything in between, we can help.

The Canna Consulting Group is here to help you mitigate your risk. Our team of leading industry professional has over a century of combined experience in the canna-business, making the Canna Consultants Group the resource you need to ensure you are informed and confident in your business decisions. We offer a full

Canna Care MD
Boca Raton, FL

Canna Care MD located in Boca Raton, FL, is owned & operated by John P. Girard MD licensed since 1986. Rated #1 by his peers, Dr. Girard is inspired to continue his exploration into new advancements in Cannabis Care.

CAN! Research innovates and implements protocol for the scientific research of cannabis, teaches, and consults businesses & individuals on a broad range of cannabis-related topics. We design sustainable & cost-efficient production systems to optimize plant performance and adapt high-quality cultivars for most any

Calyx King Consulting is a Seed-to-Sale consulting firm dedicated to the ground-breaking, game changing business of legal marijuana. CKC can quickly deliver and expertly set-up Tissue Culture micropropagation facilities and protocols for your enterprise in an efficient, economical, and scalable way. CKC’s Tissue

Get business advice specialized to your unique industry. California Cannabis CPA is the premier CPA firm for individuals and companies looking for assistance in tax planning, business structuring, and financial support.

C. E. Hutton is a Minority-focused private equity firm that also offers business development, management and capital raise support services. Although not exclusive to Minorities, we are inclusive to all communities that understand and appreciate the true value that diversity brings to our global society. We operate as is a growing Blog. Our expert team write honest reviews on Growing tools [Led Lights, Grow tents and etc.]. You can get growing guide and tips as well.

Budding Talent is a boutique staffing and recruiting agency for the cannabis and hemp industries. It was started by two friends with a shared passion for connecting good people and a desire to grow an industry that offers alternative health care options. We exist to help companies hire the right candidates and help

Bud Technology
California City, CA

The founders of Bud Technology, has an extensive background in healthcare and emergency medical transportation. The team started an Ambulance company in July, 2000. With a keen focus on customized services for their large hospital and insurance network clients, and grew into the largest provider of non-emergency