California Lightworks


Seeking to raise $2,000,000

Since 2008, CLW has been active in cannabis cultivation technology and has supplied thousands of grow operations worldwide.  The Company’s first LED designs focused on the emerging cannabis cultivation market and replacing aging HID lighting technologies. In every year since 2010, sales have increased based on significant new product innovation and technological advances. 

The Company has made major strides over the past ten years including: 

  • Strong growth per annum and expansion into new markets. 
  • Sustained profitability since 2016. 
  • Patents filed and granted. 
  • Completion of breakthrough technology designs differentiated for multiple markets.
  • Development of technology driving multiple lighting units from a centralized power source. 
  • Development of cloud-based control solutions to compile data and control grow systems. 
  • Strong market position and brand image with growers, distributors, retailers.

The Company has sold over $15M in light fixtures to over 3,000 growers to date, and grossed $4M in sales in fiscal 2018, with orders booked for 2019 representing a significant expansion in sales.  CLW is planning to introduce several new fixture designs to specifically target key segments of the cannabis cultivation industry. Combined with the latest advances in LED efficiency, advanced controls and new IoT applications, CLW is very well positioned to take a significant slice of the multi-billion-dollar cannabis cultivation equipment market.

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