Welcome to Wrazel – the business of cannabis.

Wrazel is a multi-faceted business platform, founded with the purpose to bring together qualified ventures, start-ups, service providers, investors and thought-leaders that are actively engaged in the cannabis industry.

With the goal to serve the community as the hub of the business, Wrazel is dedicated to provide smart solutions to everyone in this space.

We give a home and a voice to all businesses – from startups to major players in the industry – to increase their exposure, meet with solution partners, raise capital and take their enterprise to the next level.

Wrazel is a network builder, an investment platform, a B2B marketplace, and more.

Network Builder

Wrazel is a meeting point. Our primary role in this eco-system is to help people find what they need to reach their business and investment goals – whether it’s the latest news to keep you up-to-date, a golden piece of advice to get over a hurdle, or your next business partner!

As an advocate of the cannabis industry we host, organize and promote networking and live-pitch events, share a curated selection of business news and professional insights and help our members stay on top of their game.

Investment Platform

Wrazel is home to a pioneering investment platform, specially designed for cannabis ventures to raise capital – and for investors who are looking to profit from our rapidly growing industry.

All investment opportunities featured on our platform are carefully selected ventures with pre-vetted business plans, solid exit strategies and SEC / FINRA compliant fundraising models.

Our platform allows investors to view all current project briefs, access specific data to conduct their due diligence and engage directly with the business owners who are here to meet with equity partners.

B2B Transaction Center

Wrazel is an online B2B transaction center, featuring the most comprehensive cannabis business directory, where you can find entrepreneurs, sources and vendors from all branches of the industry. This includes farmers, dispensaries, product innovators, real estate developers, land owners, capital lenders, financial consultants and accountants – all specializing in the business of cannabis.

The B2B Center not only helps businesses to increase their exposure in the space, but it also helps entrepreneurs in finding solution partners as well as obtaining sources and products. The best part: You can conduct business online via our software, and carry out the entire transaction – right on the spot.