5 Up And Coming Cannabis Events For 2020


The cannabis industry is always changing. To stay on top of the latest regulations, innovations, and products, investors need to keep their finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry. There’s no better way to do that than to attend cannabis-specific events. As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis, more event venues are opening their doors to industry gatherings. Stay in the know by attending these cannabis events across the US in 2020. 

ICBC International 

Location: San Francisco, California

Dates: February 6-7, 2020

The International Cannabis Business Conference is California’s longest-running B2B-focused cannabis event. ICBC connects cannabis professionals with networking opportunities, lawmakers, and industry leaders to stay up to date on the latest in cannabis innovation. This event is perfect for learning more about the legalities of cannabis and business, too. 

National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention

Location: Portland, Oregon

Dates: March 8, 2020

NCDAC connects and educates business owners of color in the cannabis industry. Its goal is to raise diversity awareness through social change. The second annual NCDAC convention includes a Text-A-Thon to advocate for cannabis social justice reform. In addition to spreading awareness of diversity in the cannabis industry, the convention will create the Diversify Cannabis capital fund for minority-owned cannabis farmers. 

National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Dates: April 17-18, 2020

CannaGrow is a convention that focuses less on the business side of cannabis and on the art of cannabis cultivation. For investors, it’s a great opportunity to understand the science of cultivation while learning about the latest in growing technology. Attend over 25 educational sessions and explore a large expo hall to connect with cannabis cultivation products. 

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

Dates: May 28, 30, 2020

Location: New York City, New York

Cannabis World Congress is another B2B-focused cannabis event. It brings dispensary operators, regulators, and investors together to look for new cannabis opportunities in this billion-dollar field. Educational sessions will focus on topics like growing, legal protections, and cannabis investments. 

Cannabis Drinks Expo

Dates: July 30, 2020

Location: San Francisco, California

Of all products, beverages have some of the best margins. The Cannabis Drinks Expo highlights the future of cannabis consumption with a focus on smoke-free cannabis drinks. This cannabis event will highlight both cannabis and hemp, as well as alcoholic beverages, and how investors can successfully navigate health and regulatory concerns with these products. 

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  1. Michelle Phillips says:

    There’s absolutely no evidence that the cannabis industry is collapsing or even close to a collapse, and in fact there is plenty of evidence that shows it will only continue to get stronger.

    More than half of the U.S. has either a medical cannabis program, a recreational cannabis program, or both. There’s only a select few states that have YET to implement programs, but legislation is currently being written for those states, or the state is already on it’s way to implementing programs.

    In purely economical terms, the sales of legal cannabis have grown exponentially since their inceptions, and even though they may plateau at some point – which is obviously inevitable – I doubt we’ll see a sharp decrease in sales that would even suggest a “collapse”.

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